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  1. Finding a Panelview Tag in the PLC

    The restore was a success, but the tags are version 6.10 so I need to use a Legacy Tag Database Conversion Utility tool I found this forum post online: Looks like you need a TechConnect account I'm pretty sure my company has a contact at Rockwell so I can get an answer in a few days I am still not sure how to do a search for a specific value though There is a [...] box on the "Find in Routines" search window that I haven't messed with yet Otherwise I think I checked all the basic search functions Edits: Thanks for the helps so far! 
  2. I have the .mer file for a PanelView program, but not the associated files / folders to actually look under the hood and edit it The PanelView program is live right now and is getting data from one of the PLC programs in the building I can look on the panelview and see a value that I want to search for How do I search for a value inside of Logix Designer? I have the Controller Tags open and I can search for items based on Name, Alias, Base Tag, Description, and Type  I don't see anything that will let me search for value despite being able to filter by the value of the tags -Ryan