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  1. Fault 16# 0002 on 1756-DHRIO

    I have Reset the module and the fault has been cleared and has not come back. I am still unsure of the cause of the initial cause. thanks for your help.
  2. Fault 16# 0002 on 1756-DHRIO

    the 1756-DHRIO, The ethernet (1756-EN2TR) and the DNB are all on the same chassis. I connect to the Control logix CPU through the ethernet. The end goal is to use the RIO potion of the DHRIO to connect to the 1794 ASB adapte.
  3. Fault 16# 0002 on 1756-DHRIO

    No, my programming is originating from a 1756-EN2TR which I see that might being causing it as the knowledge base you pointed out describes. I am not going to be using the DH+ but the RIO will connect to a 1794-ASB flex io adapter.  Since I do not have the option for unicast for my RIO adapter (1794-ASB) in my IO tree is an additional Ethernet/IP module my only option? There is also a Devicenet module (unconnected to a network an will not be used) on the chassis as well could that be used to handle the excess IO? or am i miss understanding the problem?
  4. I have a 1756-DHRIO on a 1756 controllogix chassis, that is currently showing a minor fault of 16# 0002 No resources. I currently have Channel A on DH+ (flashing green light) and Channel B on RIO (light off) the OK light is flashing green as well.  there is currently only one node (the module) set in DH+. from what i gather on the manual that list I/O faults there is not enough memory or enough connections on the module. Does anyone know what could be causing the fault an how to clear it?