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  1. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    Hi PMCR, thanks for your reply, i have solve for my problem with end code CRLF, and now machine working properly thanks fror your support Thanks and Regards Iyad
  2. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    Hi PMCR, Thanks for your replay, when my program like here : LD A392.14 OR Q100.03 OUT Q100.06 would Q100.06 turn ON when data received complete? actually i would make a machine with stepper motor will run when data received by PLC and data received on DM130 is many pulse to rotate the motor (after converted), so i need A392.14 to start the stepper? could you give me any option suggestion? Thanks Iyad
  3. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    Hi Morten Thanks for your reply yes i use A392.14, in my post before LD 0.00 AND A392.14 RXD D130 #0100 &10 LD 392.14 =====> typing miss,here right one : LD A392.14 OR Q100.06 OUT Q100.06 but why Q100.06 never going on altough data have received complete by PLC?
  4. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    Hi All, i've resolved my problem before but now i get new one, i change my program befor with LD 0.00 AND A392.14 RXD D130 #0100 &10 LD 392.14 OR 100.06 OUT 100.06 and data have receieved Complete by PLC . but why 100.06 never going to ON?
  5. Hi all, i have CP1L-M30D with CP1W-CIF01 serial option board i use RXD to receive data from Host computer, here my program LD CF113 (P_on) RXD D130 #0100 &8 i not use A392.14 (Reception Complete Flag) cause it never going ON but data from Host Computer never receive complete by PLC, when i send 8 lenght data PLC just receive 4 lenght data(LSB) and sometimes 3 data leght for example when i send 12345678, PLC just Receive 8765 (in ascii) and sometimes 876(in ascii) please help
  6. Relay Output Maximum Speed

    Hi all, could any one tell me how many maximum speed PLC with relay output ex : CP1L-M30DRD Thanks and Regards Iyad
  7. light sensor

    ° Hi Adrian, thanks for your reply, i trying to sense how many lux of light, sensor can adjust to 10 meters and max. 25 meters from object. object have different colour with many level of light, machine place indoor, 20 - 36 °C i think serial data is a ready to use no need to convert more, and i never use analog input with PLC before, but if analogue input is better for 25 meters long distance i will trying, cause i have omron CP1W-AD041 Thans and Regards iyad
  8. light sensor

    Hi All, i currently design an light test machine, i would like to use CP1H-Y20DT-D as my controller with CP1W-CIF01 RS232 serial board. but i confuse with the light sensor ,data output will transmite 25 meter range PLC to sensor with serial data output could any one give me light sensor a reference (brand, cattalogue no.)? Thanks and Regards IY
  9. nt31c

    ok iwlll try thnx alot MR.PDL regard
  10. nt31c

    ok thnx alot Mr. pdl (for numeral input) but now can i ask for this one there is any NT31C feature to display 2 window together? regard
  11. nt31c

    soory error log image error, this error log for my project 15[id]standard screen-[W]standard screen number referenced in touch switch,is not a window keyboard/keyboard screen 14[shift]standard screen-[W] the screen number refernce in touch switch,is not window keyboard/keyboard screen regard
  12. nt31c

    thnx a lot Mr.PDL i make "popup" keypad and touch field and make touch field local keyboard in one standard screen.n some error appear for this one. but download is sucessfully or may be can i make the touch field when i thouch it, local keyboard will appear but the previous screen is display too, so there is two window is displayed. my file ca regard
  13. nt31c

    thanks alot again great link I mean i like the input key,cursor move and numeral input object in one screen but i have tried it just now, and this enough for me altough there is some error in error log for this one and thanks alot for your link regard
  14. nt31c

    thanks alot mr.pdl its great my NT suuport tool version 4.6 i have tried it but can i make input key, touch field, and numeral input object in the same screen and where i can get NT31C referencer or operation manual i have had NT31C setup manual regard
  15. nt31c

    hello everybody i just a student. i usually make a project HMI with NT30c but i have buyed the NT31c just now. i confuse about creat a numeral input. in NT30c support tool when i creat a numeral input the keypad will be appeared but in NT31C ver3.1 the keypad is not appear regard