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  1. 1769 SDN Devicenet Scanner

    Thanks PCMCCartney1 for your reply. Just to make sure i am understanding well what you mentioned above . The steps are as below : 1-Upload the backup file from the scanner .DNT  using RSnetworks for devicenet software . 2- install the new scanner physically . 3- change the address and baud rate of the new scanner ( as the address of the old one ) 4- Change the PLC mode to Program. 5- Open the saved backup file .DNT . 6- Go online with the new installed scanner and download the file .( the old one is 0 and the new one is set to 0 , should i have any conflict ? ) 7- change the PLC mode to run mode . please let me know if the above steps are accurate .          
  2. 1769 SDN Devicenet Scanner

    I am experiencing problems with 1769 SDN Devicenet Scanner and i need to replace it by new one . I need in details the steps required for replacement . I already have a backup file for the devicenet network with all connected devices ( Powerflex - remote I/O ) .