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  1. Copy data from/to a 5069 digital module

    I've just encountered this issue too. Coming from Compactlogix 1769 modules it was easy to get an INT/DINT to 16/32 channel I/O modules. Our applications send this I/O data over OPC, so it was important to have values representing all the inputs and outputs of various modles, and a quick single instruction eg. MOV Local:12:I.Data to OPC_Module12_Inputs seemed simple enough. However, having "upgraded" to the new 5069 range, I find there is no way to get a quick INT/DINT representing the I/O modules anymore. The only way seems to be to write a horrendous ladder setting each individual Input/Output bit to modify a single value. In a project with say 10 16 channel input/output modules, this now means 10 MOV instructions being replaced with 160 bit assignment instructions. If anyone has found a solution to this, I'd be very grateful to know what it is.