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  1. FX5U connected to GS2107

    I have an FX5U connected to a GS2107 via an Ethernet switch it all works fine. How do I go about adding a second FX5U? I've set the second FX5U up to be on the same network but now I'm a bit stumped.
  2. Level Display

    Is the GT Designer 3 a seperate update? I cant find it in MyMitsubishi.
  3. Level Display

    The level object is not in the Graph list. Your example will not work in my version of Gt Designer. My ver 1.181 your 1.190Y I cannot find the update for GT Designer anywhere on the Mitsubishi site.
  4. Level Display

    Hi, I want to show the level changing in a tank. In the manual it mentions a level display that is linked to a data register. The manual says select Graph > Level That option is not there for me. I have GT Designer3 ver 1.181P Any suggestions?