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  1. Communication Through Programming Port

    whyme, yes that .pdf would be helpful!
  2. I have one of each of the same PLC's that you are using, and have them connected to my PC through the network for programming and monitoring, but only with the MELSEC GX software, at this point. I am using existing NetCOM 111, they are 1 port RS232 to Ethernet modules, and drivers on my PC that make it a virtual serial port. It works well for programming and monitoring the PLC program in real time, but outside the software, can't currently communicate to obtain data via ModBUS RTU. For ModBUS, I can't justify installing an additional serial module, additional NetCOM, IP address, and virtual serial port for each PLC. I need to use the program port connection I've already established, and have read that it has been done, but, havn't received necessary details or possible software tools. So far in my investigation, I believe that the programming port only works on the MC programming protocol, and I'd need some software to convert, or need to learn how to make a driver to convert that from and to ModBUS format for SCADA software. If you find out, please let me know! Thanks.
  3. Communication Through Programming Port

    I have both a FX2N and FX3U that I wish to poll input, memory, and coils through the programming port. (in a similar way the GX developer does when monitoring) I'm also beginning to cut my teeth on Rapid SCADA, and would like this data for it. Wondering if anyone has already made or has experience to make a driver/module to obtain the coils from the PLC using the programming port, and make it available to Rapid SCADA as a modbus rtu connection, or better, a dll use for a Rapid SCADA connection? I've looked for the Melsec communication(MC) protocol manuals referenced above. What I found reference the FX5 series PLCs. Is the protocol the same, or was it different for the 2 and 3 series controllers? Thanks in advance