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  1. Hi Maritronic, Thanks for the response. much appreciated John_D
  2. Hi Gambit, I have previously approached MHI but it was unable to provide any information due to the project being so old.   John_D
  3. Hi thanks for your feedback. Do you have any pointers as to: the programming software tool that would have been used? Or  the serial communication protocol that the MUC uses? John_D
  4. Hi, I have become involved in working on a wind turbine controller system project that was commissioning in 1993, about 25 years ago on which there are PLCs which go by the name Mitsubishi Universal Controller, MUC. I have attached a photo of the PLC hardware. I’m trying to find out more about the MUC and in particular about any programming software tools that would allow me to communicate with the MUC CPU via its RS232 serial comms port and allow me to interrogate / view / modify the logic.  I have also attached a copy  of a printout of logic diagram  / instructions from the MUC. If there is anyone out there that recognises the hardware or logic instructions or knows of the programming software tool used with the MUC I would be grateful for any information that may help. Thanks in advance John Pages from 03-2_IDOL LOGIC FOR WTG (TOP).pdf