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  1. Hi, I need some help please, to print with a printer, i need to use NX_serialSend function block. So, i don't have this FB in my library, but i have SysmacStudio 1.15. I try to find it on the web but, nothing, anyone know how to have it ?  Thank's in advance.
  2. NX_SerialSend

    Ok thanks; and just for information, with a NJ301-1200 connected to a NX ECC202 and a CIF210, i can send data with RS232 to a printer to print ? thanks !
  3. I have the same as you, but nothing, it's a problem with the printer, they don't understand all the pcl code.   But all the program works, thank you very much for your help !
  4. Hi ! First, sorry for my english, i'm french. So, i want to create a program with sysmac studio for connect a NJ301-1200 to a printer. Then sent data (PCL Code) to the printer, after, the printer read the PCL code, understand, execute and print ! I have the PCL Code, but i find nothing for connect the printer and the NJ, and send to the printer data. If anyone have an idea, I'll take this ! Thank's !
  5. So, i need to print <esc>E<esc>&26A<esc>&30B if i use $1BE$1B&26A......  it does not work
  6. Hi ! I have a last problem, so, i can send PCL code to printer, but, i want to do this differently, i need the charactere esc ! In hexa it's 1Bh, but i need the ascii charactere, when i use the function block to convert, I get a point '.' but it's not this, because when i convert point to hexa, i haven't 1Bh. So it's a special character, i want to copy it, and paste simply, but i can't copy the character, sysmac studio copy the line or the variable..
  7. Great ! thank you very much, i can print now !
  8. With the first solution, the NJ doesn't see the printer I've test with a NB7 screen, all done but the printer need to be pictBridge, i'm very lost, i don't see how i can print text with a NJ
  9. Hi, sorry for the lack of informations, so it's a HP Printer that understand the PCL Code (language for print), it is connected to the ethernet port of a NJ301-1200, the NJ is connected to the PC via the USB port. And i'm use sysmac studio for doing this. So, I have test the function block CIPopen and skt, but nothing, i think the PC doesn't see the printer   edit : i've now a NB7 screen for doing this
  10. Done ! Thank you very much for your help !
  11. Hello ! I am new to the world of sysmac studio and PLC in general. I'm looking for 2 weeks all I can but there is no tutorial on the internet that learns really well,  or helps me understand how to achieve what I want. I have a NJ301-1200 connected by USB to the PC, I have a NX-ECC202 connected to the ethercat port of the NJ. And a DGT300 + connected to the ethernet port of the NJ. I try to communicate with this DGT through the NJ and therefore sysmac studio. Which function to use? and how to detect DGT and connect to it? thank's ...
  12. Thanks ! I'm going to do this now, If any problem appears I'll ask you !   Edit : For the DGT300+, I need the function block server or client ? and fn03,05,...?   Edit : I find it, but, i need only the function block client ?    DGT300+ is equipped with RJ45 Connector Use this port for communication with PLC through Modbus TCP/IP protocol. PLC acts as a client (Master) DGT300+ acts as a server (Slave) IP address by default on DGT300+: Local port: Modbus communication usually runs via port 502.    
  13. Please, it's important, nobody knows how to connect to a printer? SktTCPConnect function, or another?