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  1. Download problem for OP-320 A HMI

    I will try this.....thanks so much
  2. Hello everybody, I try to download a programm from my laptop to HMI OP-320A but i can not . I have already check my cable and it is ok .The connection is the below OP (9-pin port) PC (9-pin port) RXD  2                  3   RXD TXD  3                  2     TXD GND 5                   5    gnd 7                            7 The problem is that i dont have 9-pin serial port  in my latop  and i use converter .  I read that some   converter doesn't connect pin7 . What can i do about that? Thank you  
  3. Simatic panel TP 17OB COLOR

    Thanks jrw  ...
  4. Simatic panel TP 17OB COLOR

    Good morning, is anybody knows what software i need for programming Simatic touch panel TP170B COLOR . Is this software free ?..Thank you