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    What type of IDEC PLC are you using? I am using an OpenNet (ONC) type it it really flexible to use although you have to program in ladder as you have said. An updated firmware of the ONC has all functions and flexibility you can think off. What VERSION of firmware are you using if it is ONC? I use WINDLDR ladder programming software. Thanks, Oimeke
  2. I want to control the speed of a motor wired to an Openet PLC so as to achieve a coniststent air velocity as desired. The PID function works but it is so eratic that it can not be seen as PID control. Please help is you what i am omitting PID control lop configuratiion in the ladder program. Many thanks Oimeke
  3. OverTime Pay Questions for everyone

    No overtime paid Works as Scientist/Engineer in process and Machine Automation Works 50 - 70 hours in a week, but normal hours without overtime are 45 hours Given long weekend off once a month (Friday afternoon and Saturday half day) Kenya (East Africa) Oimeke