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  1. GT Designer3 Script Problem

    First of all, big thanks for you @kaare_t for quick and right answer. I've based my new-edited script on your advices and it worked, but I have another stranger issue regarding to script's results. I used exactly your script and got weird results which you can see in attachements in this post. I plotted 50 points starting from D2000 to show more clear what is the problem.  Att.1. Why the obtained chart is so irregular with many peaks?It looks more similar to sawtooth wave. I must get more smooth sine wave chart. Is it some kind of problem with sampling frequency? Att.2. Values in registers are in range of -32768 to 32767, i guess it's from Signed Word range, but is it possible to get, on chart, values e.g. in range 0-100? Should i make some conversion in GXWorks with received in D2000-D3499 values? Att.3. On another screen i made script with exponential function instead of sine. You can see that all I got is something near rising sawtooth function. What is the simpliest way to get exp function with GOT's script? I'm working with GOT1000 GT15-S and Mitsubishi FX3GE-24MT. Greetings, J.
  2. GT Designer3 Script Problem

    Hi,  I encountered a specific problem during work with GXWorks2 & GTDesigner3. In my part of group project I need to receive from proper script, array of values of sine wave. I need to get 1500 values of sine wave and fill registers in GXWorks and have no idea why my script does not run. I'm using simple while loop with no errors statement from Syntax Check. My script should calculate sine values from index 0 to 1500, and substitute it to registers D2000 - D3499. Look in attachments for better understanding my trouble.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.  Greetings, Jan P.S. I'm new in Mitsubishi Equipment programming so if it's some kind of beginner's problem - please be merciful for me.