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  1. Thanks @kraykov .I'll take a look. @drforsythe We just wanted an alternative to the 4-20mA to act as a standby while we were restructuring the system. 
  2. Thanks @Gambit.I will take a look. Normally HS counters  count up or down to a specified value as the input changes until a preset value is attained or it is reset .I am trying to figure out how you can actually  monitor incoming frequency(which indicates the flow rate) in real time which I can then scale accordingly.
  3.   .Hello guys, What is an example of a  program will read  frequency/Pulse output from a flow meter to Gx-Works 3 using a high speed counter?(PLC is FX5U) Image is attached.
  4. Great.The last two ladder rungs that use the DEMUL function are for scaling purposes,right?
  5. Thanks so much.I've connected 2V to each of the analogue modules.Why is it not being detected  in the program when I start monitoring?
  6. Dear all, I am new to Mitsubishi PLCs and I wish to read  analogue input(0-10V)  on the FX5U-32MR/ES.The PLC is compact. Could you please provide me with the required ladder code for that.The SD registers for the two channels is SD6020 alogue 1 and SD6060 for analogue 2. Thanks.