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  1. NT Support Tool Ver 4.87

    Can someone help me? With this problem reference a NT31 Upload Issues. Error System program version installed in the PT and the application version selected in the support tool does not match. Please check the system program version in the PT and the selected model at the Support Tool. Communication aborted. I have tried all the NT31 model types on the Support Tool but keep getting the same error on PC -      
  2. NT Support Tool Ver 4.87

    Hi guys, I need to upload an NT31-123B-EV3 IHM (System Ver 4.2), but the software I have installed is NT Support Tool Ver 4.87, does not include the PT model I need (System Ver 4.2), has only NT31-V2 / V3 (System Ver 3.1 / 4.1). Does anyone have a solution to this problem? obs: * HMI:         NT31-ST123B-EV3 (System Ver. 4.2)         * Software: NT Support Tool Ver 4.87 Best Regards,