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  1. GE Series One "E2" dead battery maybe??

    Doesn't look like mine is a "Plus" but tried it anyway... Still no luck... removed IOs and tried again... No Luck.... just wont respond to anything. I think its crippled.? I don't feel very confident that I can recover the program from a 20+ year old cassette tape, either... So if its "reprogram from scratch", I think I'll bite the bullet and install a new PLC. Luckily I have a hard copy of the program to work from. Really appreciate your help Steve.
  2. GE Series One "E2" dead battery maybe??

    Thanks very much Steve... I'm going to go take another look... I'm not certain is it is a "Plus" or not.... It wasn't responding to "CLR" at all, but haven't tried the "CLR", then "SRCH", then "CLR" yet.... Going to give it a try... fingers crossed.
  3. Hi folks.... I have a piece of machinery with a GE Series One PLC (1985)... We had the machine powered down for a couple weeks due to a mechanical repair... No electrical was touched. When I powered it back up... The PLC went straight to "E2" and will not respond to "CLR" at all.... I fear that we may have had the battery go dead and I've lost my program... Can anybody confirm what my symptoms suggest?? or have any advice? Appreciate any help.. Thanks wmick