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  1. Convert decimal to hex manually

    Hi, thank you very much for the manual.   
  2. Convert decimal to hex manually

    Hi, thank you very much for your help. But i found that there is no function block in my Panasonic PLC can perform this function.  So is that means i need to do it manually, for example, write a calculation function for this conversion? or is there any better way to do this?
  3. Convert decimal to hex manually

      Hi, yes, I got 4D2 when displaying in hex. But what i need is I need to show 1234kg in hex instead of 4D2.
  4. Dear all, did anyone did this before. Actually I require to store the weighing reading in hex in order for SCADA to read. But now the weighing value is in decimal format. For example:  Indicator display 1234 KG suppose I need to store this value in 1234(hex) in data register, but now is 1234(decimal). Does anyone here know how to do it? or can i do it manually? i have no idea on how to convert it.
  5. Panasonic PLC RS485

    Dear all,  The problem is solved. Thank you.  The Modbus that is using by the sample program which is Modbus mode 2 which i overlooked in the manual.
  6. Panasonic PLC RS485

    Hi, does anyone familiar with the Panasonic PLC FP0R-C16MT with RS485 communication? I got a sample program which is working, but it is different with what I read in manual.  (Control word part) Can anyone help explain this to me? Picture below shows what is inside manual   Example from manual   This is sample program In this sample program, the control word part is direct insert value which is 1301 in hex. But according to manual, this area should be 2 word instead of one.  But I had tested this sample program which is working fine.