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  1. Q series Moving H into registers

    Thanks.  should have guessed that! doh
  2. Hi, I have been given a task of upgrading our Printers onsite to different manufacturer. we have new model already onsite and i have looked at the logic of clearing the buffer but am unfamiliar with moving H(value) into registers. See example in attachment. Can someone explain what these H values mean  
  3. Minimizing OR function

    thats a great help. thank you all. i have managed to write the the input in that configuration. i will test it on my machine today.    
  4. Minimizing OR function

    what does the H0 mean?
  5. Minimizing OR function

    hi Scot, Like the above but im using simple ladder format. The NE function block im assuming is not equals.. so in ladder format i would write [<> k4m801]
  6. Minimizing OR function

    Hi, I have a program where the output stays on through a shift register sequence of m coils from m800 to m816 but they have programmed each m coil as an OR function holding the output on. I am in the middle of adding new OR functions to hold output on in seperate machine sequence but im having an error 'OVER THE EDIT RANGE' How do i create an input for example [=>m801 =<m8016] (stay on from m801 to m816) I am using Q series PLC
  7. MAC E-50 HMI

    Hi Rodney and whyme. I made my own rs232 - rs422 adaptor last night following the pin layout I found in the e -screens manual.   When I connect my Cab5 cable PC end and use home made adaptor on HMI end, nothing happens on screen. doesn't boot up! I have also tried connecting the 5V supply to E-50 but it just keeps looking for the FX PLC that it connects to when connected to machine.
  8. MAC E-50 HMI

    Can someone send me an image of the e50 pinout arrangement to create my own Rs232 cable to E50 screen. Or advise me where I can purchase a 232-25-ADP. I only require to do a small Modification on a HMI already in use