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  1. I want to use an existing sensor for the registration 1 input for a kinetix 6000 drive.  I notice that the pinout for the I/O connector shows 24V registration power (pin 16) and common for registration (pin 15).  Do I have to use these, or is there a way to use the signal from an existing sensor that is already in use and goes to an input module in the CLX rack?  I would rather not have to install a second sensor in the same position, if possible.  I am trying to track the position in an attempt to identify issues before they get out of control.
  2. I recently added a couple of additional displays to an existing Factory Talk View ME project for a PVP1500.  These screens have several horizontal bars with fill animation.  The min.  for all the animations is an Always_False tag that I created, which, of course, is always zero, and the max. values for these fill animations reference parameter files, as there are three separate screens generated, or 3 iterations of the same screen using separate parameter files. These fill animations refresh if I move from one to the next and it reloads the display with a different parameter file, but the fill animation does not refresh, or update, if the value of the tag changes while the same display is active.  I tried doing several searches regarding this issue, but could not find anything.  I am not sure what I can do to rectify this problem.  It is not a deal breaker or game changer at this point, but it is something that should work the way I would like it to.  Thank you for any assistance in this matter.   Edit:  On further inspection, the problem occurs when I change the value of the tag that is the Max. value of the fill animation.  The fill does not compensate unless the display is re-opened.  Is this just the way this animation works, or is there something I can do to correct it?