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  1. LG PLC master K200

    No one can help?
  2. LG PLC master K200

    Dear All, I have LG PLC master K200 series ( NOT K200S) I want to upload the program from the PLC but till now I don't know What is the required software, I have KGLwin366 software but I didn't found this type (only K200 S found) So please I need your help to know the required software and programming cable. Thanks
  3. FX2N-20GM Programming software

    Thanks for all
  4. FX2N-20GM Programming software

    Dear All, Can any one supply me with FX-PCS-VPS/WIN-E to upload program from FX2N-20GM Thanks
  5. FX2N-20GM Programming software

    Thanks very much for your help. But In fact I can't download it from the internet. i will be thanks if you can send it to me
  6. FX2N-20GM Programming software

    Thanks Thanks for help
  7. FX2N-20GM Programming software

    Dear All, I have FX2N-20GM module there is a problem that the X Error led flashing red. I want to go online with it and check the problem, I tried to upload the program with GX developer but I can't. My question is can I upload using GX developer or I must use FX-PCS-VPS/WIN-E. Thanks
  8. DB problem

    Dear All, Today I have problem with S7 PLC, there is no O/P. The CPU is 315-2DP. I uploaded the program and found that all the O/P is inside FC13. the OB1 dosen't call FC13 directly like other FCs which is called directly from OB1. the condition to call FC13 is normal close contact from DB113.DBX4.1 I opened DB113 and found the following table: address name type intial value comment 0.0 STRUCT +0.0 STAT0 DINT L#0 +4.0 STAT1 BOOL FALSE +4.1 STAT2 BOOL FALSE =6.0 END_STRUCT When I made monitor I found current value of +4.1 is true and I think that made normal close of DB113.DX4.1 off so FC13 which contain O/Ps not called.
  9. Servo

    No I didn't try it. but today the problem become in two direction forward and revers. I tried to make manual mode 1 and change the auto tune parameter (P 34,37,38...) Also parameter NO 2 is 0102 so the resonance isn't high
  10. Versa max

    I already made a lot of cable before and all was working OK. and here the cable Pin out is right as the manual said. also I make my laptop port to default setting and tried all the possible ranges for the baud rate, parity,stop bits..etc. but still same problem. for all thanks for help and I will tell you the solution after i Solved this problem
  11. Versa max

    Dear Sir, Thanks for replay. PLC part NO is: Versa max IC200UDR164-AD I am using COM3 with communication data 1 odd 19200 and I tried all the possible communication data. The cable pin-out is: DB9F RJ45 1 - 2 4 3 3 4 5 5 8 6 6 7 2 8 1 9 7 The DB9 female numbering is as it's written the RJ45 : the clamp plastic to ground side , the copper pins to sky and the cable in the other side not my side. I tried using Serial communication utility and make test Also Loop back... For my USB to serial I tried to communicate with drives and it's working OK.
  12. Servo

    Tell now no body can help?!!!
  13. Versa max

    Dear All, I have Versa max micro PLC. I can't make communication between my laptop and the PLC. I review the cable and it's OK. I checked Communication data but can't communicate tell now.
  14. Servo

    No one can help to solve this problem?
  15. Servo

    Dear all, I have Mitsubishi servo drive model: MR-J2S-15KA. working on fly saw. suddenly the reverse motion become not smooth while the forward direction is smooth. there no problem in mechanical parts. I don't know what can I do. Thanks