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  1. Hi everyone, I have a S7-300 CPU315-2DP PLC setup with an FM350-1 counter. With an input count and let him make use of a hardware interrupt. The interrupt is created by: closing the gate hardware, achieving a comparison value 1 or 2. I've tested or OB40 is called in and he does, I just want to know which interrupt is being made. Interrupt the conclusion of the hardware gate, reaching comparison value reached 1 or 2 from comparison value. Have made a move in OB40 namely: # OB40_POINT_ADDR move to MD40 Only he remains always 0. Why does it not, and how do I know? Regards, mulderm
  2. Making histogram with VBScript

    JesperMP, This option is what I want: edit: For logging data below 0.5 seconds, then you should use the PLC as the datalogger. You can then come down to for example every 20 msec. In WinCC Flex you can display the logged values as a "buffered" trend. Because I have 6 inputs (proximity switches) what will detect cams on a motor-axis. So I will see this in a histogram in about 10 sec by WinCC Flex (buffered trend?) Do you have a sample S7-300 program for this? Greetings, mulderm
  3. Making histogram with VBScript

    Lewy, I am very interested! mulderm
  4. Hello, I have a Siemens S7-300 plc and I will create a button on a HMI-panel with will do the following: Logging 5 variables with a sample time of 50 ms and store the values in a datablock. This must happening in 5 seconden. Also create a datablock with store the sample time. So I can later analysis the values of the variables in a Trend. Who can help me to make a program in Step 7 or VBScript in WinCC? Greetings, mulderm
  5. Making histogram with VBScript

    Hello, I known in RSLogix5 you can making a histogram and save it in a text-file. Is this also possible in WinCC flexible using VB-script? I want to make a histogram from 6 boolean inputs for 10 sec. long when I pressed a button and save it in a *.txt or *.csv file on my harddisk using WinCC Runtime. Any idea to do this? mulderm
  6. Hello, I have a mpi-network with adres:0 = modem, adres:2 = S7-300 plc, adres:3 = Touch-panel When I start up a step 7 program and I will monitoring a block everything works perfect. And then start-up wincc with have an integrated project and starting the Run-time I get no connection with the panel (seeing ####). Then when I will going monitoring the same block in the Step 7 program I get the message: "The set local node address is already in use" Looking in the set pc/pg interface: adress is 3 (was 20). Changing the adress again in 20 and doing as above descriped the same problem appear. Opening the set pc/pg interface again: the adress-value is again changed from 20 to 3. Who can explain this and what is the solution? Greetings, mulderm
  7. Can not open Eplan project

    Thank you for the information. I will try that. mulderm
  8. Hello, I have a Eplan project named with the extension p. Example: project.p I can not open it with Eplan P8. Is this created with another version? Why can I not open it? Greetings, mulderm
  9. Communication with cp 243-1 by internet

    Crosbow, And where I must set the router internet adres? In the Ethernet-wizard setting in MicroWin or in the communications setup in MicroWin or something else ? mulderm
  10. Connection lost with CP 243-1

    Hello, I have a Siemens s7-200 plc (CPU222) and a CP 243-1 ethernetmodule. Most of the time when I will going online using MicroWin I get no connection with the CP 243-1 and sometimes I get good connection. When I going to the communications option and I click on the refresh than sometimes I get "unknow" adres and "not connected". The leds on the CP 243-1: Run and Link leds are green. When I using a ping command always I get response from the CP 243-1. The cable is correct. When sometimes I have connection (led cfg is yellow) then the communication stay's good. When I going offline and try online again then there is again no connection. Who recognise this problem? Greetings, mulderm
  11. Hello, I have a S7-200 plc (CPU222) with a CP 243-1 ethernet-module connected on my home network. I can communicate with the plc using Microwin installed on my notebook everywhere in my home by a ethernet-connection. Now I will communicate with my plc when I have my notebook connected on internet somewhere else example on my holiday-adress. Is this possible? Can I using portforwarding on my router and how must I configure this in MicroWin? Greetings, mulderm
  12. Saving actual values in the DB-block

    Very good Mape. Great tip and thanks. Greetings, mulderm
  13. Saving actual values in the DB-block

    Thank you for the fast response. And when I have many DB-blocks I must open all the blocks one for one and save it one for one? Greetings, mulderm
  14. Hello, I using Siemens Step 7 software. When I open a DB-block in the data view and click on the monitor button I can see the actual values. When I close the monitor button the actual values are zero. How can I save the actual values in the DB-block so I can see later in offline the values? And when I have many DB-blocks how can I save the actual values? Greetings, mulderm
  15. Call Environment

    You are right Groo, I was online so this message was correct. Now I have change it in the offline status and now it´s working good. Thanks for the help. mulderm