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  1. Omron sysmac cj2m cpu 31 Error Code

      Dear Experts,  Good day This is the 1st time I work with Omron PLC, I have one machine operating with Omron sysmac cj2m cpu 31. The PLC has error code on it's 7-segemnt : ( HE )  I checked this error code in manual and I found these information in attachment and they write check the operating environment as a correction for this error code but I do not know what they mean  can you help me please in this problem  thanks.
  2. Hi Experts,Sorry as I am new in working with Allen Bradlly platform & Modbus Communication .I have a redundant system ( Control Logix 1756-L74) which uses prosoft PLX31-EIP-MBTCP gateway in order to gather data from various devices & control panels in my system.The devices are modbus TCP and control logix is Ethernet/IP.When I studied the manuals of prosoft , I'm so confused about configuration of it & get stuck in many issues .that if I want to make Communication between control logix( Ethernet IP) & Eg. Energy Meter in the system ( Modbus-EIP-TCP) Which configuration should I do???As I saw many configurations in prosoft configuration builder (EG.: EIP Class3 server, Class1 connection, EIP class3 client, MBTCP client1,.............)and what are the communication data should I ask various vendors in the can find in attachments one of modbus data for one panel in the system & prosoft various configuration Please Guide & help me.Thanks. scan0030.pdf