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  1. ASCII !@#$!@#(*&^

    Thanks VDS.... most helpful post of response.   I'm sure you older guys understand my frustration.   This stuff was supposed to go away with our youth.
  2. ASCII !@#$!@#(*&^

    Hi Guys, I need help/advice.  First, I'm not new to PLC programming and design. I've been doing this for 30 yrs.  OK that said, 30yrs ago I cared about things like PLC5 serial communications sending ASCII characters as it was a common thing.  Well, I've slept and drank a whole hell of a lot in 30yrs so I really don't care now but I need to do it again. I'm working on a PLC5 to Control Logix conversion.  The company will not update this ancient chamber environmental control.  So, the ASCII coms need to stay.  The old PLC5 took the command string to change the temperature and did a AWA command and out port 0 the new temp setting went.  Logix however, it is not that pretty.  I'm using a Prosoft Technology PLX31 Ethernet to ASCII.  My problem is, the Prosoft device data table in the Logix is data type SINT.  How do I get the command string "L1S"+temperature value, example 27C, so the command would be "L1S27" into the data type array of SINT.   The header is constant.  The only thing that changes is the digits.  So would you guess I convert the L & 1and put those in the first address, S and the first digit of the temperature in next address and the remaining digits in the 3rd word?   Perhaps I'm making it all too difficult.  From what this old memory is telling me, I need to convert each character into the ASCII Hex or Decimal equivalent.  So anybody out there still familiar with this s....tuff? 
  3. Rockwell 1756-IRT8I

    Thanks Ken.
  4. Rockwell 1756-IRT8I

    I'm using three 1756-IRT8I's.  This is a test application.  Of the possible 24 TC inputs, they may use any one of the inputs or only 1.  One TC is required on the first card input 0.  The reset of the points may or may not be used.  I do not see a built in bit that indicates whether or not a TC is connected.  Should I just look at the under range bit?
  5. PF755 Cip Motion

    I have just been handed a horrible task. I am to program a control logix processor for 5 PF755's such that 5 hoists raise and lower together. The hook height can not vary more than 1" between all five as they are moving. For most lifts, all of the hooks are at the same level. For some lifts the hooks will be at different levels but must move maintaining the shape. Two types of motions are required. One motion is operator jog. The second is an automatic lift or lower to a predetermined location. Any suggestions other than just saying CIP motion????