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  1. Hi all, I want to do an application which PLC send ACSII through RS232/Serial communication to a printer. I want print out my plc data, i can convert them to ACSII but I can't find any printer which can direct received ACSII and print out. Does anyone of you did this similar application before. Any brand or model of printer should i lookout. I prefer thermal printer. BTW, is that possible to do this? Guide me, if i'm going to the wrong direction. Your information will help me a lot. Thank you. Have a great day.
  2. Rslogix5000 through VPN

    Hi, When I connect my PLC program through VPN, my whole rslogix5000 so laggy. Is this normal? Thanks in advanced. Pang
  3. Just for testing, I want PLC communicate with the robot. Read or send signal.
  4. Hi, I got the device EDS and I have added into my I/O Configuration. How can I know what is the value for the service code, class, instance and attribute? Need some guide, thank you.
  5. Kinetic 300 with Rslogix5k

    Hi, Can I control the Kinetix 300 motion move type trapezoidal to s-curve from rslogix5k? Kinetix 300 drive mode is ethernet. Does explicit messaging instance 273 does it works? Thank you and have a good day.
  6. Thanks Michael Lloyd and Ken Roach. Thanks for the information.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know how to filter out those unused tags in program from the controller tags or program tags ? Is there any rslogix 5000 tools or inside the rslogix 5000 able to do it ? Currently the way I do is cross reference from each tags which consumed a lot of time, is there any shortcuts ? Thanks in advanced. Have a great day.
  8. Kinetix 300 or Kinetix 350

    thanks and appreciated for all the information.
  9. Kinetix 300 or Kinetix 350

    Hi all, Does anyone what the difference between kinetix 300 and kinetix 350? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Does any literature which compare of these 2 servo drive? Thanks in advanced and have a great day.
  10. hello all, As title, How to determine the ACD project file is using which version? Is there any method or tools to find out the version to open it? I got a project file but when i opened it shows " Failed to open xxx.ACD. Project file was created with newer version of RSLogix 5000 software." Your solution and guide is much appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Great Day.
  11. PowerFlex 40 Frequency

    Hello, I kinda confuse with the frequency parameter in PowerFlex 40. for P032 is it the line frequency or the motor output frequency? Addictional, How to determine the velocity motor drive by the PowerFlex40, I found out that my of output frequency didn't proportional with the velocity output. The induction motor is running a conveyor belt. If there is a slip, then the result I got shown the slip is very very high which more than 50%. Thanks a lot, great day.
  12. Kinetix 300 Motor Brake Wiring

    Well, I just familiar with explicit messages and haven't use motion instructions before. This is totally new to me but I'll find out how these works. BTW thanks.
  13. Kinetix 300 Motor Brake Wiring

    Thanks for the help, it does better after I have tuned the motor again. Now I facing new problem, When I cause E19 fault, I'm not able to reset my driver from the program. Only able reset after I cycle power the drive. Have you met similar scenario? Thank you very much, you guys replies really gave a lot supports.
  14. Kinetix 300 Motor Brake Wiring

    Thanks for the reply. Now I'm done with the brake. Do you know how to shorter the range of velocitystandstillstatus value ? My user unit is 0.1 and my actual speed when the motor is on still condition, it can up to +- 1.2 user units/sec. Is this normal ?