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  1. how to convert *.mpa to *.cpa

    hi everyone E1101 touch screen be replaced by exter t100 how to convert E-designer project(*.mpa) to information designer project(*.cpa) by the way ,my E-designer version is 7.52, is it the newest version?
  2. spare parts about q06h cpu

    April 2012,I purchased 2pcs new q06h cpu for machine spare,I use them for machine is bat yellow alarm,the other run 40minutes,the alarm system monitor error code 0022.why?how long the life of batteries?
  3. gx works2 for win7

    thanks for crossbow's suggestion ,it's ok

    Hello everyone Which software can replace E-designer v7.50 for win 7
  5. gx works2 for win7

    my laptop can not recognize the plc when plugging in the usb cable,my laptop can not correctly installed drivers.
  6. gx works2 for win7

    my plc cpu is q06h,usb cable,my laptop is HP 6470B,no rs232,os win7 bit64,
  7. gx works2 for win7

    hello everyone a question about gx works2 v1.77 for win7 bit64 it can not communication from pc to Q plc,one alarm,please see attach file
  8. about program scanned

    thank you for your suggest
  9. about program scanned

    hi everybody, i have a question,i used gx developer v8,there are three ladder (main,1,2) in the program,how to scan them,when i simulater ,1,2 no action,why? 1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp
  10. YASKAWA servo motor (SGMAH-01BAF41,100v,100w,no brake),amplifier is SGDH-01BE, Servo motor have been bad some times. one week for a new motor. when motor is bad ,motor temperature is normal, and amplifier is no alarm, I don’t know why?(design is no problem, I have 10 pcs, 1 pcs is bad)
  11. E1101

    for example attach file
  12. E1101

    sorry,my mean is how to delete some alarm records.not alarm item
  13. GX simulator

    I do not know if GT simulator can simulate E1101?
  14. E1101

    hi everyboy I have five machine ,touch panel is E1101,some alarm list is too much,how to delete some alarm from alarm list and reserve other alarm.? thank you
  15. E1101 touch panel can not display

    download software to terminal,the issue be solved.