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  1. Hello, I've read a lot of posts regarding wire colors according to EN60204 (for European machinery) but the one thing that is not discussed is the wire color for DC COM (grounded current carrying DC circuit conductor). The standard states the neutral wire is Lt Blue which I assume to be AC neutral. DC control circuits are blue but what is used for DC COM in Europe?
  2. EDS file issue

    Which version of RSLinx are you running? I just went to a seminar yesterday that addressed the new EDS file system. You'll want to run RSLinx v3.51 (the presenter said there are issues with v3.6 so you may want to avoid that). There is a group of software products that all have to be updated at the same time because they all use the new EDS database. If you have any of the following versions installed you will want to have all of the following version installed. RSLinx V3.51 Studio5000 V21 RSNetworx V21 FactoryTalk View V7 Also see technote 499727 for more information about the new EDS file system and version compatibility.
  3. It is unclear to me when I need to use 18ga wire for control circuits in a control panel and when I can go down to 26ga per 12.6.4. The I/O part is a clear distinction but the control devices part is a little foggy. What is the difference between conductors for control circuits (referred to in 12.6.3) and conductors for control devices (12.6.4)? It seems to me that control circuits are the circuits that power control devices and control devices are the components used in control circuits. Does anyone know what the difference is? Thanks.
  4. RSLinx DDE with Office 2010

    Here's an update on this post with some new information. There is also an issue with the "setpoint.exe" application blocking DDE calls. This application is associated with Logitech pointing devices and keyboards. You can safely uninstall this application and DDE calls will work again. The Logitech devices appear to work fine without the application installed as well. The setpoint.exe file is installed if you install the Logitech drivers from a disk. If you just plug in the mouse or keyboard and let Windows find the drivers the setpoint.exe file will not be installed.
  5. Kinetix 6000 E64 E07 faults

    Hi all, just noticed the posts on this thread. I stopped following it after a while. Thanks for the input. Here's an update on my situation. We switched to the newer style motors with the SpeedTec connectors awhile back and haven't had any E64 issues with those. There might be some difference in the manufacturing that makes it less susceptible to noise. We do still have a few machines out there with the older motors that experience the issue so the motor shaft ground strap sounds like a good idea.
  6. Custom HMI App on an iPad or Tablet PC

    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the feedback. I haven't really done anything outside the .NET realm so I appreciate your insight. Thanks, Rob
  7. Has anyone tried to put a custom HMI app (developed in .NET) on an iPad, Android, or Windows tablet and have it communicate with a PLC? Just curious how it could be done. I've currently got a WinCE HMI running a VB.NET app and communicating with a PLC via Modbus. Wondering if this could be done on one of these new fancy tablet devices. How would you do the comms? Maybe I'm dreaming a little here. Any ideas?
  8. RSLinx DDE with Office 2010

    I figured it out. Google Chrome blocks DDE from working. Close Google Chrome and everything works fine. Noticed the same issue with Solidworks viewer too.
  9. RSLinx DDE with Office 2010

    Thanks for your reply. I actually just got a new computer with win7 Office2010 recently and it works for me too. We have 2 others in our shop with the same OS and office version and it doesn't work for them so the search for a solution continues. I think I'll have the other 2 check for updates and see where that takes us.
  10. One thing that frustrated me until I figured it out... Input or Output parameters can only use BOOL, SINT, INT, DINT, REAL data types. If you want to pass a STRING, UDT, or something else you need to use the InOut parameter.

    That's just for 8 to 5 support too. I called in the evening once and was told it would cost $400/hr to take my call! I just needed a quick 5 minute question answered but there is also a 1 hr minimum. Not what you want to hear when your working late and your patience is already wearing thin.
  12. Has anyone else experienced randomn unexplained E64 and E07 faults on Kinetix 6000 systems? I am currently working with Rockwell tech support on this but they don't have an explanation. They've reviewed my installation and confirmed that I've gone above and beyond all the recommendations for reducing noise on the feedback cables. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  13. FactoryTalk View Studio

    I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do but have you tried embedding a variable in text. Create a text object...when you are typing the text there is a button in the lower right to embed a String, Numeric, or Date/Time.
  14. I use a number of Excel macros with DDE for uploading and downloading tag values to CompactLogix PLCs via RSLinx. When we upgraded to Excel 2010 the DDE stopped working. I talked to my local AB distributor and he confirmed that Excel 2010 doesn't support DDE. I was told I could use OPC but the sample application I was given is hard to follow and I can't figure out how it works. I've also looked at ActiveX and COM controls from Automated Solutions but I was told ActiveX is on its way out too and COM controls require me to write a new app in .NET. I was hoping for a quick and easy solution. Any ideas? What have others done to get around this problem?