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  1. Ok I have an old micromaster Vector 6SE3213-6CA40 inverter that Siemens does not make any more. The replacement inverter I have is a micromaster 440 6SE6440-2UC17-5AA1. Does anyone know a easy way to set up this new micromaster 440 with the old vector 6 SE32 info?? Thanks Bill
  2. mitsubish inverter FR Z024

    How do you guys like the FR-E540-1.5k as a replacement.
  3. mitsubish inverter FR Z024

    There is no error message. It just shows Err. on the display I cound not find this in the manual. I've tried every thing. Basically if the power is on the Err. is on.
  4. mitsubish inverter FR Z024

    I have a Mitsubishi inverter FR Z024 01kp with a Err. message Ican not reset the inverter does the inverter need to be replaced. The reson Iam asking is Mitsubishi doesn't make this model any more. Thanks for the help.
  5. NTM support tool version 4.3 manual

    I will zip it up on monday & send it. Thanks for your help Ray.
  6. NTM support tool version 4.3 manual

    Iam still a little confused i have the NTM 4.3 but when I go to the tool settings it only has NT models....NT20M...&....NT600M. But I have the NT20S my comm. port is on the back of the back of the unit not the front. Also the NTM support tool version 4.3 Iam running is dos base. I can change the NT20M in the touch screen setting to NT20S but I don't under stand why? I am I using the wrong software. thanks for the help.
  7. Iam looking for a NTM support tool version 4.3 manual. I think I have a softwear problem can not transmit file to my omron nt20s-st121-v1 touch screen.