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  1. FX2N -2LC

    Thank you!
  2. FX2N -2LC

    Hi Guys, I watch this forum with interest as I have been working on Mitsubishi for a while. I need to know if the FX2N - 2LC temperature module can connect to the FX3U PLC? Many thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, Thanks fore the reply. Could possibly be the answer as Am using GT designer2 version 2,96A on both my laptops. On my old laptop using Windows XP it works but on my new laptop using windows 7 it does not work. What version of GT Designer should I be using?
  4. Hi All, I cannot connect to the GOT 1000 mini USB port from my laptop USB port. I am using windows 7 Where can I get the relevant driver? Thanks
  5. mini USB port on GOT 1050

    thanks. Will try that.
  6. mini USB port on GOT 1050

    Hi All, Need a bit of help here. I can program the GOT 1150 using the mini USB port on the front of the screen so I know my cable and software are okay. I cannot program the GOT 1050 using the mini USB port at the back of the screen but I can program the GOT 1050 using the RS 232 port. Does the mini USB port on the GOT 1050 work or do I need to do something different from the GOT 1150 when I download to the GOT 1050? Many thanks Guys
  7. FX2N S/S terminal missing

    Unfortunately I am stuck with this PLC as it has the program in it. I am unable to replace all the sensors as it is too costly. Is there any hardwiring that can be changed? Thanks for your help!!
  8. FX2N S/S terminal missing

    It is a FX2N-48MR and yes it is from China
  9. FX2N S/S terminal missing

    Hi, I need a bit of help with an FX2N 48 MR Mitsubishi PLC. I have a customer that has an imported machine that is running an FX2N PLC. The S/S terminal is linked to 0V so thart the inputs switch on 24Vdc. The PLC was damaged and he sourced a new PLC with program from the supplier. I installed the PLC but found that there was no S/S terminal. Only a 24V and a common. The inputs switch on 0V. Can anybody help with how I would convrt this PLC to switch on 24V???? Many thanks Eduard