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  1. AB 1768-L34 Firmware 16.23

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has a link or can send a file of the 16.23 firmware flash file for the CompactLogix 1768-L34 Series B. Allen-Bradley only offer 16.24.2 now and I am needing to load a program from non-volatile memory to the PLC and it requires 16.23. We do not control the PLC program and versions etc as it is a program that is still under heavy Intulectul Property protection and is protected accordingly. So we can only achieve minimal results on-site for replacement of the PLC and as the company is in New Zealand and we are based in Port Hedland it is easier for us to do this and not fly someone accross. Many thanks, Rob
  2. Assistance required for PW recovery CJ1M

    Lol, I agree. But every machine in the factory but 1 is protected and all need access for their on-site electrician. Plus the safety improvement will be focused on and implemented for all machines in the near future :) All good, there is always a way. Cheers
  3. Assistance required for PW recovery CJ1M

    Correct indeed, it is not discussed on the forum, hence the private message request :) There are no original programs on the site for any of the machinery, it's actually quite amazing. However that is my problem for now I guess. I have contacted OMRON, and for obvious reasons they cannot hand over that information directly. But I gathered it is possible and I know there are a lot of people out there smarter than me who have come across similar circumstances, so no point in re-inventing the wheel. I do understand people passwording new cutting edge technologies and advanced process calculations they have invested much time and personal glories when they are only working in that area of the industry, but a machine with 3 conveyors and a spiral wrapper seems a little pointless. Especially when you leave no information and are no longer available to the client. So I understand PW recovery, yes, seems vindictive or wrong looking from one aspect. In this case to me though, it seems more inappropriate to the client, I personally could not leave my client in that situation where they basically need to re-write a program to stop the conveyors latching and adding in a warning siren lol. But maybe that is just me. Thank you for you fast reply though, I apppreciate it :)
  4. Assistance required for PW recovery CJ1M

    Hey guys, I have seen a few topics posted about this here and there and I know I can't publicly speak about the solutions, however I would greatly appreciate some assistance in recovering a password from a CJ1M CPU-12. The OEM supplier is no longer in the industry and never left any information. The job is an urgent change required as an operator has broken his leg in 5 places (caught between a conveyer and machine frame). The process is not complicated and could easily be re-written, however from the companies POV it is the time the is critical. Appreciate any help I can get, Thank you :)