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  1. How To communicate citect and SLC 503

    Hello Dear, Please Kindly take a look and advise me. when i want to connect citect and slc 503, i need to shut down RSLINX. otherwise port conflict and slc 503 need to reset. if i shut down, nothing special and cannot detect when i press button from citect PC. Citect programs is created by following citect quick start manual as i am new user. please untitled.bmp CITECT testing.RSS
  2. How To communicate citect and SLC 503

    Hello All, i try to connect citect with allen bradley SLC503 by using ABDF1 port. but still confused and didn't sucess in communication. please guide me. p.s i am using RSlinx Classic v 2.54. Thanks in Advance, pmmdavid
  3. Hello all, how to communicate SLC 503 and citect scada? please guide me cos i am new and creating citect programs by following citect quick start manual. after i read manual and driver help from Citect but i still confused and didn't succeded yet. please help me. Thanks in advance,
  4. dear all, i would like to request to get more information of Bachmann plc software and manual of plc instruction help and instruction list from software help file(if any).help me. thanks for your time and effort. Bgrds,
  5. Hello, I am new with Siemens PLC. so please understand if my question are wrong. i want to ask and request some PLC sample code for my application that i wanna refer. my application are .....Set-point were changing depend on 10 pumps signal (digital)...let say when pump 1 on, my set-point were 10 % and when pump 1,2 on , my set-point were 20%. so all of my set-point were move after adding (pump ON) and subtract (pump OFF). so i saw that inside Microwin , PID wizard were doesn't match with my application but PID loop table will match. and then i want to control Propotional Band , Integral time to very slow response when system is normal to avoid Over shoot output .....And then also i want to control Propotional Band , Integral time to very fast response to avoid floating when system is faulty. Note ,,,,this was my experience when i found commissioning with OMRON plc bcos my application is Thyristor Control so immediate shunt it off. now i plan to use 200 Cpu and Exor HMI. set-point variable also control Via Hmi. that set-point percentage were also can change during commissioning but anyway Totally 10 pumps for 100% (10, 30 , 10 ,2 ,20 ,5 ,3,......) please give me some advice and suggestion (Sample- if applicable bcos i don't have any experience at all with siemens PID loop table. your help will be much appreciated. please please!!!
  6. Thanks a lot for your Hint , really ...... and then also very much appreciated for your attachment file .....
  7. Hi all, now i would like to know the message instruction configuration on between slc 5/01 and slc 5/03 cpu using dh485 link. now i already collected 5/01 cpu , 5/03 cpu ,Proface gp2500 hmi , C11 cable ( 2 pcs ) and DH-485 link coupler . i would like to test before my project ( haven't started yet ). so anybody help me and suggest me please . and then one more thing is can i send physically output bit condition from one Cpc to another Cpu using Message instruction based on Dh-485 link. I have no experience at all on this comunication. i read manual and that only i knowfor this product lists if i use dh-485 network. i really very very interested and crazy on plc programming. please help me to all senior experience ........
  8. Right ,they have their own electrical color code. but i also would like to know electrical color code from experienced engineer. i am quite new so ,,,please help me with thanks and appreciate for your reply,
  9. Hi all, I"m worked as an electrical field in marine , So i would like to request standard electrical wiring color code. especially single phase , 3 phase , control 24 vdc cable , control ac cable , neutral cable and foreign cable color codes..... so please to all ..... Thanks in advance ,,,,