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  1. Job Selection

    Hi Guys, I'm working with RS View Studio ME and RSLogix 5000. I need to create a job selection screen where the user can scroll a list and select the desired job. I also want them to be able to add new job numbers and delete job numbers as well. Jobs will be text (ABC123) and need to be associated with a number so I can send this number to my robot. Any thoughts on how I can design this in RS View? Thanks, Scott
  2. RsLinx enterprise problem

    Could someone post the fix for this??? I do not have access to the rockwell site. Thanks!
  3. Timers

    Thank you both! I knew I was missing something ;)
  4. Timers

    Hi Guys, I am using a CJ1M-13 PLC with Ethernet & D-Net modules. I've pretty well completed my PLC programming (I think) and I'm now working on the majority of my HMI screens. I have a NP5 HMI screen. The problem I noticed is that when I gave access to edit the timer values over the HMI weird things started to occur. I am storing value for TIM #1 in memory address D001. Depending on the number entered on the HMI, sometimes you get an error value inputed even though looks great! It appears that the TIM stores data as BCD and i'm wondering if the HMI is in HEX??? Any thoughts would be great! Scott
  5. Help with setting up devicenet

    Okay! I did as you said and now it looks like I'm doing much better! Devicenet Module shows the Node Address of 01 and the MS/NS lights are both green. Here is my setup DRM21 is Master at Node 1 SMC Gateway Unit EX500 is at Node 2 Robot is at Node 3 I've attached screen grabs of my setup! Both the gateway unit and robot are setup for 8 bytes. I have gone all over the software and can't find anything that needs to be setup any further. Am I missing something or am I good to go now? Would anyone have any programming examples to get me started? ie. In CX-Programmer how do I get and set I/O data to my nodes? Thanks!!!
  6. Help with setting up devicenet

    I appreciate your help! I am going to sit down this afternoon and see how it goes. I will keep you posted! Thanks!!!
  7. Help with setting up devicenet

    Hi Guys! I need some help! We have an Omron CJ1M-CPU13-ETN PLC which is installed with a DRM21 Devicenet Module. Being new to Omron, I am having trouble setting up the devicenet network. Currently the card flashes "HC" which from the manual says "Routing Table Error". Could anyone give me a crash course on Routing Tables, their purpose and how I go about setting it up for my network? On the deviceNet Network I have my robot and an SMC EX-500 DNet gateway module. Appreciate the input! Thanks ! Scott