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  1. Micrologix talking to Schneider Drive

    Be careful using the on board analog input of the 1100.  It only has 10 bits of resolution. depending on you operating parameters, it might provide for some jerky control.
  2. Need help concern panel view 550 keypad

    DH485 is the protocol (language).  the SLC 5/04 will talk DH485 out the RS232 port but you need the AIC to electrically convert the signal to RS485 that the PV comm port uses.  The AIC is not a protocol (language) converter, only an interface converter -> RS232 to RS485. 
  3. Using TON within Loop in Ladder logic

    move the timer below the MCR zone
  4. RSLogix 500 multiple Bit Shift

    Dividing the source by 256 will effectively shift the bits 8 places to the right.  You may need to pass it through a MVM to clean up the results.