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  1. RS Logix Designer Tags

    I think you are missing my request concerning what you want to achieve.  Are you trying to edit an existing EDS file from a device manufacturer to make it format the data in a different way?  Your EDS doesn't list a vendor.  Or are you trying to use an EDS for something entirely different?  I really don't get why you would be trying to make a custom EDS file for this.  It seems to me that what you want to do is achievable by some simple logic.  Maybe if you are worried about customer interface, making a simple AOI would be better suited.  Maybe someone else here gets what you are trying to achieve better than me.
  2. RS Logix Designer Tags

    I do not think there is a way to do this; however, maybe we should discuss why you want to do it and see if there is an alternative. 
  3. Micrologix 1400 reverting to Remote Mode on its own

    No run mode would not have mattered.  You can add logic to handle some faults but if you have I/O that is not accessible to the processor then it is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  4. Popular HMI/SCADA Software Suites?

    Adam, looks like you have been left hanging.  I would suggest Inductive Automation's Ignition for a SCADA to learn.  It seems to be gaining market share and is a very capable system.  It is also very different from WW so it would give you a feel for something different.  With HMI's I would recommend RedLion HMI's.  Great interface at good prices.  The best thing about learning for both of these is that the configuration software is available for free (2 hour limit on Ignition).  Inductive Automation also has a online University with free access to their training. 
  5. Micrologix 1400 reverting to Remote Mode on its own

    The processor was running in Remote-Run before the fault.  This allows swapping mode from the software and allows online programming changes.  Many programmers will leave the processor in Remote-Run if there is a secure environment.  I have never heard of a processor changing from Run to remote, but a major fault will always stop the program unless captured in some sort of fault routine.  As Mickey indicated, you will see this again if you have not resolved what caused the fault in the first place.
  6. Time of day function

    You just so happened to grab an AB without a real time clock.  You should still be able to get an accurate 4 hour delay with a timer and a counter.  Just setup a 60 second timer and count 240 minutes.  Run your process - rinse and repeat.  I would suggest a minimum of the micro1100 for anything work related in the future.  Ethernet interface and RTC.
  7. SLC 5/04 Output Issues

    The fact that your outputs work with push buttons at the end of your program points even more to the issue that Michael referred to - multiple outputs with same address.  It does still sound as if your original outputs were being overwritten somewhere before the end of your program.  Why dont you do a quick cross reference of the addresses and see what comes up?
  8. What they need (and probably dont realize) is a SCADA system.  It will do everything an HMI will do and handle data capture.  The main difference between the HMI and SCADA is really the data logging and presentation portion of the package.  That will allow them to log data, view the system as well as control the individual stations.  If you stay with Rockwell then that would be their Factory Talk SE version (not the ME).  I would suggest that you look into Inductive Automation's Ignition product.  Also I would talk them into logging their data to a database not Excel.  The SCADA system will help with visualization of the data, ie trends and charts. 
  9. Revive a Faulted PLC5

    Glad it worked!  Serial ports in the days of no more serial ports can be fun. 
  10. Revive a Faulted PLC5

    Sounds like it just dropped the program due to the backup battery being dead.  You can try dumping a program to it.  The fault light should go away once it has a program.  If you want to keep the program during power down then you will need to get a new battery.  Not really necessary for testing purposes.
  11. Subroutine

    It would take much more than that to get me upset.  Now if there was a political thread here...   It really doesn't sound to me as if you get the whole PLC/ladder mentality.  You don't need to call a subroutine to activate a device.  You put it one place in your program and have multiple conditions that cause the device to be active.  There is no need to have conditional JSR's throughout your program.  As far as capabilities go, turning on and off a device or activating a piston is exactly the type of activity they are designed for.  You do have to understand the mentality of ladder logic.  
  12. Logix Designer tips

    You can do a simple search through your program to find an instruction type.  next to the find text box there is a button.  Pressing that will allow you to select language elements as your search type.  Select the element you want to search for and click on find next or find all.
  13. Subroutine

    Not to mention that the #1 rule with JMP and LBL is don't use them.  Well - very rarely.  Like most high level languages that have goto statements.k Now as to examples.  You didn't even ask for alternative ways to do what you are trying.  You asked about why what you were doing didn't work.  To do what you want a simple rung with a timer instruction would work by using the TT bit from the timer to activate your plunger.  PLC programs are not really designed to hang around on one task.  They are designed to look at a lot of things simultaneously and handle them all at once.  To lock out the rest of the program while you operate a plunger is not very useful in the long run.
  14. software information

    Yeah but it actually has to be a product that my clients use.  At this point few of them use Siemens.
  15. software information

    We all dream about that software package that supports them all, but it just doesn't exist.  
  16. Wonder ware Intouch vs FactoryTalkview ME

    Actually I don't think its a fair comparison.  Wonderware is a SCADA system and Factory Talk ME is just an HMI.  If you want to compare then you should be looking at FT SE.  If you are looking at SCADA systems then I would also look at Inductive Automation's Ignition.  I think it beats them all.  I am not really a fan of the System Platform.  Wonderware used to be an easy system to get up to speed on and use.  You could literally open the box and just use it.  With System platform they over complicated it in my opinion.  
  17. Subroutine

    Are you trying to do an conditional JSR, i.e., you have logic to allow the JSR or inhibit it?  Rarely is that required and if its not require then don't do it.  Most PLC programmers I know in the SLC use JSR's for program organization.  Then use the logic in the routine itself to handle any conditions for outputs to be on or not.  Keep in mind that if the routine is not scanned then the outputs will be left in their last state.  Finally how did you place that latch.  If you branched around the return then the routine will return without operating the latch.  just put the latch on a rung before the return.  Also you really don't need the return. 
  18. Add pause botton Allen bradly SLC5/03

    Well first if it's a safety issue then the machine should be shut off.  I understand that this is a class but generally I do not like software (that can be changed by anyone with access) dictating the safety of my operator.   That said, here is my 2 cents.  First you really are not worried about keeping your inputs in a certain state but I can see where your outputs might be important.  You will have a sequence for the palletizer. All your pause button will do is stop that sequence from moving to the next step.  In a little more detail, your palletizer will have several sequenced steps that will each operate outputs.  After some expected action, it will move on to the next sequence step.  Your pause logic will just keep it from moving on to the next step.  You don't need a temporary end statement.  
  19. Managed Switches

    I have seen people go overboard with managed switches but I generally have one on each significant system I install.  The biggest networking problems I have ever had seem to be with drive systems.  They usually handle a lesser number of packets so swamping the network takes them out first.  Your system is pretty small, but the cost of a managed switch is pretty small compared to the cost of the freaky problems that can occur without one.  When you have a problem with a network it can be very time consuming (ie, downtime).  Time is always expensive. 
  20. New to PLC's

    Ok so I might be biased but I don't like the canned 4-5 day courses.  They work well for some I guess but more often than not they try to cram a lot in and you remember about half.  Many of the college courses are taught by professors that learned out of a book.  That is getting better and many community colleges have pretty good programs.  We started the website because our clients had a hard time finding quality training that met their techs schedules.  Taking the tech out of the plant for a week has problems all of its own.  We offer self paced training with a few very important extras: 1.  We have self paced training and video libraries but the focus is on learning to program.  Not hand holding but scratch your head and work your way through it programming.  We will nudge but not lead you step by step through it. 2.  We offer the ability to send in your class programs and have them reviewed by experienced professionals.  Not just does it work, but would I want one of my engineers to install it at a client site? 3.  We offer a weekly question and answer session where just about anything controls oriented can be discussed.  I have had people bring their programs to discuss problems they are having and to get help with difficult logic.  I have had new programmers just trying to figure out the basics.  The only rule is that the instructor has to be competent enough in the subject to discuss it.  The classes are recorded and we have around 100 hours of past classes on many different subjects.  Sometimes its nice just to see there are people out there that know less than you!  The only drawback I ever see is that the student has to be self motivated.  Nobody is going to be watching to see if you participate or even try.    Oh and I forgot your additional question.  RSlogix500 is used to program SLC500 and micrologix PLCs.  RSLogix5000 is for the ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms. 
  21. Bit Shift Left BSL

    I made a vid on this a while back.  It's usually in our paid content, but I moved it to the sample videos for you.  Hope it helps: Or you can just go to the site and follow menu:  PLC training videos/RSLogix 500 instruction set You will have to register on the site to login but the BSR/BSL video will be in the sample video listing.  
  22. AB SoftLogix

    Well you hit upon another of my dislikes - Labview.  But that's more of a personal preference.  I suspect you will still need some sort of OPC server to talk with softlogix also even with them both on the same PC.  This is just conjecture, but softlogix attempts to look like PLC hardware and uses standard methods of communication, ie some sort of OPC server.
  23. Alarm and Event Banner don´t show in Runtime

    Well I cant really help but I had to say I like your screen!  You may need to give more info about how your tag server is handled and how you handled redundancy.
  24. AB SoftLogix

    In most instances I would just say no.  There are some PC hardware setups that are fairly similar to the robustness of a PLC; however, when you compare costs I suspect the PLC will be cheaper.  The windows operating system does not really have the reputation for solid 24/7 operation unless maybe you go to one of their server packages.  Also ladder is not chosen because of its mission critical capabilities but due to its (supposed) familiarity for maintenance personnel.  I would ask yourself this.  Will it matter if I have to reboot my control system periodically?  If not then PC control may work for you.  I dont have any installations where this would be acceptable.
  25. Request help of the following counter example

    Ahgggk!  You are correct!  I dont know where my brain was with seeing C5:1 going to 0.  It will increment up and down with C5:0.