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  1. Wonderware V10 Trending

    Hello All, I am looking for a vertical strip chart. It can be an activeX or a way to go vertical in WW V10. I dont know of any way to do this in WW. I can not use the standard trending chart. It must vertical and the Y has to be in time. Any suggestions. Regards
  2. scb41 232 with ascii

    omron1.bmpI have included a screen shot in the attached file. Thanks for all your help.
  3. scb41 232 with ascii

    I have a cqm1h with a scb41 and I am using the #0100 port to talk ascii to a pump. I am able to send one command to start the pump but when I send the stop command or any other command it does not activate. I think that the comm port is staying open. I can talk to the pump using hyperterminal and start and stop it like I want. But once hooked to plc it seems to locke open the comm port. The command string is as follows 1GO==node 1 pump start and 1ST== node 1 pump stop. I am using no start code with crlf as end code. I have tried in hyperterminal the 1GOCRLF and it works fine. I can start and stop as I wish. I am not sure what the difference is between hyper and the plc. I am not sure what could be causing this problem. Regards, Joey Tell me ill forget, Show me ill remember, include me and ill learn.
  4. I am new to OMRON plc's and it is the first time I write in ASCII. So I am learning both. I am using a CQM1H w/SCB41 board and having trouble with the TXD and the RXD Command. I believe that the port number is #0100 which is set in the control word. In the source word for TXD I am putting GO which is the command word for the pump to run. I am also setting the Operand 3 to 1 byte. In the RXD I have set Operand 1 to RS which is return status of pump. The second Operand is set to #0100 for port 1 on the SCB41? The third Operand is set to #256. I am only using the CR,LF as my end code and no start code. java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_28') Questions ; 1) Is the above right? 2) Is there a way to send all the string commands with one message skipping the params that I dont want to write to. Are do I have to give a start reference then write all the params based on the length. 3) I tried to put multiple strings commands in Operand 1 but its not a fan of that are I am doing it wrong not sure. 4) I cant find a pinout for that scb41 board but the pump is a) 2== RX b) 3== Tx c) 8== CTS d) 5== 0v Any help are example program using the above hardware would be great!!!!!!java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_11')