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  1. Manual for 3F88L-130/132 Cam Positioner

    Thanks for the help Jay ! The right manual makes things so much easier :)
  2. I'm looking for a manual for the Omron 3F88L-130 or -132 cam positioner. There's one on this site for the 3F88L-160 but the interface is unfortunately completely different (LCD screen instead of LEDs). Does anyone have a link to a copy of the operations manual for this type that I can download ? It is not available from the omron download site (anymore). Also, does anyone have any experience in interfacing the output of these types of cam positioners to a PLC (C200HG/HX) ? I'm particularly interested in transferring the rotation angle and the RPM of the encoder to the PLC. Any tips on this would be appreciated. Thanks ! Peter.