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  1. HMI

    Thank u Crossbow. I went back to www.meau and found the manual which has the info about cable and pinout. Now all I need is the link to download the FX-PCS-DU/Win software.
  2. HMI

    Thank u for the reply Crossbow. I have checked throughout the manuals download site at and can't find any info on FX-40DU. If you (or anyone else) may know of a link to the manual please send info. I am also still looking for the cable info, part#'s and or pinout plan of each, interface and download cables.
  3. HMI

    I am in need of info relating to the correct cable and part# for FX-40DU to FX2 PLC and the cable used for program download from PC to FX-40DU. The correct software and pinout of cables will also be most welcome. I am also looking for info where to download the manual of the FX-40DU. Thank you in anticipation. Mactitan
  4. FX-2AD-PT.

    Crossbow, do you still have a couple Mitsubishi MMI units?
  5. FX-2AD-PT.

    Any size that will be OK for an automated process in conjunction with the FX2-80 (which I got on e-bay for a song.) At present I am using my spare time to lean PLC automation. My goal, apart from learning PLC's, is to build my own automated Bio-diesel process unit using cheap or used equipment from e-Bay or such.
  6. FX-2AD-PT.

    I want to read a FX-2AD-PT unit with a FX2 PLC, do you have any helpful info for me as far as PT-100 connections and software control line? I also need to source (hopefully on e-bay at a fair price?) a GOT or LCD or HMI unit which can connect or be modifyed to connect to the FX2 for operator input and process reading. Any info on products which are compatible will be appreciated.
  7. FX2 questions.

    Thank you Crossbow, success worked like a charm.
  8. FX2 questions.

    Thank you for the help. I was able to obtain the SC-09 cable. Works well with the FX2 and GX-Dev-Fx for Windows. I do need help with a FX-EEPROM-4 removable memory cassette, used with the FX2. The PLC and Eeprom worked well, running the program from the eeprom on start-up. However one time I removed the cassette by mistake while the PLC was running, or it may have been in Prog-mode, not sure. Now the red LED flashes indicating CPU-E each time I power-up with the eeprom in place. (With the eeprom cassette removed, the PLC powers-up and runs a program from internal memory without problem.) Is there a method of reformatting or saving this eeprom? If it can't be saved, what is the correct replacement part number, as the one I have may be an old obsolete part. Best regards mactitan.
  9. FX2 questions.

    Thank you.
  10. FX2 questions.

    Hello, please advise which is the correct programming software and cable for the FX2? Will the "home-made" cable using the DB-25 to DB9 and SN75179A - Max232 interface work for the FX2? I have the following software GX-DEV-FX-C1 Ver-5, and can't find the FX2 listed in the drop down menu box selection? Is it possible to upgrade this software to Ver-8? Regards MacTitan