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  1. Hi Prabhakar have you tried changing string[10] to string[12] in the data block? I know in TIA portal it's editable.
  2. S7200 CP 243-IT

    Hi all, I have a S7200 plc with a CP243-IT web server attached. I have utilised the applets on a html website that shows various memory area values. I would like to increase the size of the font that the applet uses. Does anyone know how I could do this? I have tried adding <param name = "FONT" value = "arial"> but it made no difference at all, so I think I'm barking up the wrong tree. Can anybody help? Thanks ricii PS please see the HTML applet code below <applet code ="de.siemens.simaticnet.itcp.applets.S7GetApplet.class" codebase ="../applets/" name ="AIR" width ="250" height ="220" hspace ="0" vspace ="0" align ="top" mayscript archive ="s7api.jar, s7util.jar, s7gui.jar, s7applets.jar" class="style6"> <param name="RACK" value="0" /> <param name="SLOT" value="0" /> <param name="LANGUAGE" value="en" /> <param name="BACKGROUNDCOLOR" value="0xFFFFFF" /> <param name="EDIT" value="false" /> <param name="FORMAT" value="Air used from Midnight = \W M3 /24hr"> - this is what I would like to make bigger <param name="VARTYPE" value="0x04" /> <param name="VARCNT" value="1" /> <param name="VARAREA" value="0x84" /> <param name="VARSUBAREA" value="1" /> <param name="VAROFFSET" value="800" /> <param name="CYCLETIME" value="5000" /> </applet>
  3. We have several on site here, hardly any problem, nice and easy to use and set up.
  4. Minimum PLC input voltage!

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply, good idea, it might be that I can do this, I'll have a "dig" and see what I can unearth and I'll come back to you Regards, Rich
  5. Minimum PLC input voltage!

    I am open to suggestion on which platform to use, I have considered using one of these, http://uk.rs-online.com/web/search/searchB...p;x=15&y=11 I usually use siemens equipment. Thanks for your really quick replies, Kind regards, RICII
  6. Hi, I have a question for you!! I have some scales that have a weight acceptable LED on them (when the weight on the scale is within range, the LED lights up). I have measured the voltage of the LED and it is 2VDC. I would like to use these LED's to give an input to a PLC for further processing. I can't find a PLC that can accept such a low input voltage, and so I have an idea that I could remove the LED and use the 2VDC signal to become an analogue input voltage on a analogue input card on a PLC. Has anyone got any more ideas or options that I could consider? Thanks!! RICII
  7. SFC 1 "READ_CLK"

    Many thanks to you both for helping me, very much appreciated, I have it working now. Kind Regards Rich
  8. SFC 1 "READ_CLK"

    Hello forum members, Can anyone tell me what the required format for the CDT output for the block on SFC 1 is, I've tried allsorts of different combinations but i can't get it to be accepted. Any help much appreciated
  9. Hardware selection

    Hi All, I have an application to monitor the status of 135 24vac signals. The signals are a mix of sensors, switches and other signals controlling a large conveyoring system. The problem is that the control panel has a LED mimic panel on it, which, isn't very useful when the machine is upto 50M away from the control panel! My Idea is to use a HMI on ethernet that will show certain screens when certain sensors etc are made true etc. Placed on the shop floor for all to see. I have a Proface HMI, I'm left pondering the selection of Siemens equipment (it has to be Siemens) Has anyone any good ideas on the hardware selection? Whether its to be s7300 or 200, whether a bus system is applicable in this instance? Any help much appreciated. RICII
  10. Hi Forum! I'm new to TSX , but not to PLC's!! On the TSX micro there is the display with the DIAG button next to it that underneath suggests to press it for 1s. Without pressing this, the LED is settled on WRD ( I presume this means WORD is selected.) and various digits are illuminated that suspiciously look like "big" digits that cycle through as the machine runs(maybe step numbers???). I wish to check an input is present, however I am unable to scroll through the LED above the digits. I have got 24vdc on the terminal rail on the correct input on the side, however it seems that the input is not being recognised by the PLC as an operation should commence and is not! I feel pretty hopeless without the software to check that way! When the DIAG button is pressed for over 1s, the digits De-illuminate and the "screen" is blank and does nothing else - Is this correct??? Can somebody assist me in the operation of the display, any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks