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  1. SLC500 Protection Function

    Hi Everybody, One time I Got a SLC500 Processor with the Status Word S1:1/15 or S1:1/14 Set I mean. This status bit protected the program not allowing the programmer edit the source file online or even download the same. The condition to do that is to have exactly the same file in the HD as the one that is running in the CPU. My question is: Is there any way to bypass this protection without having to erase the memory program file ? May someone change this knowhow with me ? Thanks, Luciano Vasconcelos
  2. microwin 3.2

    U can download in the site below. http://paginas.terra.com.br/servicos/autom...cao/DownAp.html
  3. GSD Editor File

    Someone here has the last GSD Editor software ?
  4. How to Unprotect S7 Blocks

    Please, Someone here has the procedure to unprotect the S7 block's. Answere to my email ... hma.ntg@terra.com.br Thanks, Luciano Vasconcelos