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  1. Strg_to_Char does the job.
  2. We are passing a string variable to TSEND. Perhaps the two prefix bytes are the internal header for the string, specifying actual length and perhaps maximum length? Is there a function to convert from a string to a byte array? S_CONV converts first character to a single byte.
  3. A TCP connection to a printer, opened via TCON, prefixes two spurious bytes to every transmission. The typical prefix is FE 04 (hex); FE 0D is also seen. Also, the carriage return and line feed characters that end the transmission (per rule set by the receiving device) are not included in the transmission. The string sent by the PLC is correct, as seen in the monitor. The pattern of prefixed bytes and lost terminator bytes is consistent--it is not random. It would seem that the configuration of the connection in the PLC is wrong. We have not been able to find anything wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Code Generation for FX3

    In my first reply, I missed your comment about macros. I'll check that out first. Thanks.
  5. Code Generation for FX3

    I have several blocks of code that I use many times in a project. Instead of copying a block, pasting it, and then editing each contact, I would like to generate the code with the correct contact references. In Allen-Bradley, one can import a block of code, and specify an offset for the contact adresses. I called Mitsubishi. I was told that they do not support this kind of thing in any of their software. I was thinking it might not be hard to overwrite the device address in the WPG file--if I knew the file format. In this case, I could create a source project which has just one block of code in it. To create a new instance of the code in my applicaiton, I could run the overwrite utility on the source project, then merge the source project into the new application. Does anyone have any experience with this?