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  1. exch1 twido

    thanks for your reply carol, i ve got the solution which was related with the connection of MINI-DIN. regards...
  2. exch1 twido

    help please...
  3. hi everybody, i need someone having an experience regarding to twido ports. what i have to do is to communicate twido and pc by running vb6.0 in ascii mode. the way should be passed through the port1 by exch1 command. Unfortunately, exch1 command is not WORKING. Please make me some suggestion... i tried it with the external port(port2) before ans it was successful. thanks...
  4. plc to mysql

    hi everybody, i want to build the system includes plc and mysql database. do you know any solution to send datas from plc to mysql without using any container program like visual basic,delphi.... thanks...