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  1. Streaming Video in Citect V7.3

    Hi All, I am trying to stream a live video from an IP camera on to one of my Citect screens. I have an IP camera that I can stream into VLC player via a rtsp address. I have tried several activeX controls without any success. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. FX2N-32MR with FX2n-4AD

    Thanks Alex. It's now talking. Not sure exactly why I set M1 always on as the enable. n1 to 0 n2 to 9 n3 to 4 d to D10. Have tested it and all four channels read to D10-D13. I can understand it all except n2 being set to 9. Really appreiciate your help, saved some of my hair Just had a look at the manual again... BFM 9 is present value currently being read for channel 1.. Thanks again
  3. FX2N-32MR with FX2n-4AD

    Thanks Alex for the quick reply. I sort of understand your answer, but I don't know how to get the ladder page to allow me to put the data in that format. When I access the instruction list I can find FROM_M which then gives me a block on the ladder page with EN, n1, n2, n3 as inputs and ENO and d as outputs. From what I can find, the output (d) is where I put/store the analogue value, the inputs (EN) is an X value (but I don't know what), n1, n2, n3 ? All I need to do is gather the 4 values, with no averaging as the input is very stable. Hope that makes some sense, Richard
  4. FX2N-32MR with FX2n-4AD

    Hello all. Hoping someone can help. I am quite familiar with other makes of PLC but not so much with Mitsubishi. I am using Melsoc Medoc Plus version 2.32. and the above PLC configuration. I have managed to access the built in digital I/O, but I am failing miserably at accessing the four analogue channels. Can someone point me in the right direction or an example? I've looked through pages of manuals but can only find code for an older (or newer) programming software. I am using Ladder Logic, wish to read the four analogue inputs as o-10V. Thanks in advance,