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  1. FX2 to MTA-100 HMI

    The software for the MTA is DOS based. Old stuff. Thanks, Bruce
  2. FX2 to MTA-100 HMI

    Never mind. I found a unit in the plant with that configuration. MTA-100 and FX2-N. But the MTA is dying. What do I replace that with? I don't think MTA-100s are available any more. Thanks, Bruce
  3. FX2 to MTA-100 HMI

    Hi all, I have some equipment that has FX PLCs(FX32-MR and FX32-MT) and the HMI is an MTA-100. If the PLCs fail is it possible to replace them with FX2 PLCs and have them still work with the MTA-100. I know I would need an adapter because the comm port is different on two PLCs. But will it work at all? Or can't the MTA-100 access the newer PLCs. I would prefer to just dump the existing program into the new PLC without modification if possible. Thanks for your input. Thanks, Bruce
  4. B&R Question

    Hi, In the plant were I work we have few pieces of equipment that have B&R PLCs in them. I have been playing around with PG2000 and Automation Studio. They seem to connect to the PLC ok but there does not seem to be a way to upload the program out of them. I want to upload them for archival purposes but I don't see a way to do it. I have one machine that where the vendor gave me a CD with a stripped down verson of B&R software that will only load the code into the PLC. The PLC code is on the CD too. The code for that one is written in C so I understand why it maybe couldn't be uploaded. Since I can reload it if needed that one is not a problem. The other machines are differnt machines/different manufacturers. I have no code for them or even know if they were written in Ladder, Statement List, ANSI C, or what. When I connect to them I can upload the hardware configuration. I am able to put them in and out of run and I suppose I could monitor variables if I knew the names of them. So how do I upload so I can archive the programs or troubleshoot? Thanks, Bruce
  5. FX Communications Question

    Thanks Pierre, I will look this over and see if we can use it. Best regards, Bruce
  6. FX Communications Question

    Thanks, I never knew what Dwrset was for. I never used it. FXGPWin has --Register Data Transfers-- under the PLC menu. I have had that for several years but never used it. I always found Medoc easier to use. I have been trying GX Developer lately. That has something that will work too. Online----PLC user data----Read PLC user data. So, there are plenty of ways to read D register out without doing it the hard way. I need to try new things more often. Thanks to you all for your help, Bruce
  7. FX Communications Question

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, we have Medoc so it would be possible to just display the D registers and write them down. We will be looking at 128 D registers and I thought it would be faster to have a Basic program query the PLC and store them in a text file. I have recently been playing with GX Developer so I will have to check if they have something like the Device Edit function in there. If that doesn't work do you know which Mitsubishi manual would have the comms information on how to interrogate D registers over the 422 port? Thanks Bruce
  8. FX Communications Question

    Hi, How is it possible to communicate with an FX plc over the programming port? What manual do I look in for the information? A friend is going to use an FX plc for a data collection project. The data wll be stored in a series of D values in the plc. We want to be able to periodically upload the data out of the serial port. All the info on FX comms I have seen so far deal with add-on rs232 modules. I know it can be done out of the programming port though. At work we have a bunch of machines with FX plcs and an HMI called an MTA (I've also seen it called a MAC too I think}. The MTA is hooked up to the programming port and is able to read and write to D values(and maybe M too} in the plc. I have looked thru the program but I don't see anything that looks special. Except a couple of odd rungs where they have a normally open contact, M1 for example, followed by a coil of the same name, M1. Those seem to corespond to the F keys on the HMI. How did they do it? What magic codes do I send to the plc to make it send back the contents of D128 for example? Is there some M8000 that I have to set to enable this out of the programming port? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bruce