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  1. CX-One Version 4 Download

    I was afraid of that. So is there anyway for me to add a CPS_CJ1W-NC271_ver2_1.xml file where it will work with the version I have now until I get the upgrade discs? Please see the attached notice I get.
  2. CX-One Version 4 Download

    I currently have CX-One Ver 1.1 and have just paid for the upgrade to version 4. My distributor says with it being a 3 user license I will have to wait until the end of April to get the discs. Is it possible to download it off of the internet somewhere and just get the license information needed from the distributor? If so where would I be able to download the software?
  3. GX-Developer improvement requests

    Is there any new news on the US release of GX2 or GX Works 2? Also, does anyone know what the baseline price of new full version of this would cost approx.?
  4. CJ1W-CT021 Part Tracking

    Just wanted to thank you all for your support. I used TERdON's suggestion of using the counter for doing the math for position of the product and having a shift register for marking each part with a vaild read or a invalid read. It is working well now. Thanks for al your replies, the more info and options you guys give the easier it is for the programmer to figure out what will wok the best for that application. Cheers! Jetboy47
  5. CJ1W-CT021 Part Tracking

    The index is not consistant, so I have no way to use one rev/index. That would make things a easier for me but it is not an option. Parts are on a conveyor, and when they are flowing fine the index is about 139 pulses, but there are lags when the product is not there. I must be able to track each part starting from the trigger signal and inbetween that point and the reject station I must receive an ok (valid UPC read) from a PC which is sending a "1" to a DM in my PLC. That "1=valid read" or "0=no read" flag must match up with the product that was scanned so I know wether to reject it or not.
  6. CJ1W-CT021 Part Tracking

    I am scanning a barcode of a product on a conveyor. I have a trigger sensor that activates the scanner and also gives me an input to the PLC at the same time. I am getting a read back about one second later wether the barcode is good or not to my DM address, the data to the DM is working ok. And two seconds after that I must reject the part if the barcode is bad. My problem is I have never used a highspeed counter, and I am not sure how to track each part, and keep track of them up to the reject station. I have a CJ1G-CPU42 with a CT021 counter and a 100 pulse/rev enocder. Each index works out to approximately 139 pulses but this is not exact and can vary. Could someone please give me some advise on how to shift the data along where I can flag each part if the barcode read was bad and then reject it on a moving the moving conveyor while other parts must also be continually tracked at the same time. My boss is all over me to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Jetboy47
  7. Pro-face Screen Changing

    Thanks to all fo your help. It is "8" DM words past the set value you put in the setup screen. I set my DM at "2000' and DM 2008 is the screen data to change. Thanks again, Cheers!
  8. I have a Pro-face GP77R-EG11 Screen and I am using an Omron CPM2A PLC. With the GP/Pro PBIII software I am unable to find what each screen is addressed to. I have not changed any data settings as of yet. It appears that the DM0000 is set to one when I power up the screen. The first screen "B1" shows up fine and the bits toggle which I created on it to the PLC. What address needs to chage to change to screen 2 or screen twenty? where do I allocate this. Thanks! Jetboy47
  9. QuickDesigner

    I have an old TCP Quickpanel touch sceen. I need a vesion range from 1.0 to 2.4. Can anybody help me with this. It shows up nowhere on the GE site. It only references the version you will need. Please Help!