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  1. MrPLC Suggestions?

    any more news on this cheat sheet section yet?
  2. Cx-programmer Ver 2.0

    Where did you download the cx-programmer installer from?
  3. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    super ... makes more sense now! thanks for your help
  4. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    Thanks for your help, however I have a question about the positioning of your diode. As far as I can remember, current will try an continue to flow in an inductor if interupted suddenly (hence the arcing at the contact). Fly wheel diodes provide a path for this current to continue to flow once the contacts are open, preventing the arcing. from your diagram it looks like arcing would continue to occur as there is still no path for the current to flow into the solenoid, apart from acrodd the open contacts. Before reading your post i would have put a diode between negative and terminal 3 of the relay, providing a loop for the current to flow after the contact has opened. However I do see that the positioning of your diode will prevent spikes going to the power supply. Am I missing something?
  5. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    Thanks everyone for your help. Got myself some little omron relays G2R-1-SNDI , with 24v coil and built in diode. These will do the trick Im sure
  6. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    Thanks for your help eveyone. Any reccomendations on diode type?
  7. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    As far as I know it is the steady state. I didn't think you got inrush with DC, not sure why I thought this. Should I put a diode parallel to the solenoid or is this not needed?
  8. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    Will a CPM1A with relay outputs switch 24dc, 1.5amp solenoids on and off without dying very quickly?
  9. SFC with cx programmer

    Looking at using omron cpm1a instead of our current PLCs, but would really like to program using sequential function charts This is part of IEC 61131-3 so I would have assumed that cx-programmer be able to use it, however I can not see any mention of it in the literature Can anyone confirm whether or not it is possible to use this with omron plcs? Thanks Ben