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  1. Allan Bradley To Excell

    I believe we have professional on hand. Thanks
  2. Allan Bradley To Excell

    Guys I know this can be done. What I'm trying to do is tie in the load in & out meters in the plant to a excel spreadsheet. This will give a a accurate count of incoming product and out going. In the plant as the machines do there processes they have meters I want to tie this in as well. This will give me accurate count of product coming off the machine. As well as give me some shrink numbers. Help with scheduling loads as well. Any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Rs500

    Whats the latest version out??? 6.2? 7.0
  4. UF Machine!

    That was the proposal for the simplified unit. Sorry I haven't moved forward on this. I have alot of projects at work I'm working on. When I can I will update this. Thanks Joe
  5. Wondering if any of you fine gentlemen have a HMI platform I could have. I thought maybe a Rsview 32 or wonderware. I am working on a project and don't have a one. I do have Rslogix 5000 & Emulate. I know this a tall order but you never know unless you ask. Thanks Joe
  6. RS Emulate 500 and Wonderware Intouch driver ABTCP

    I like to know the answer on this as well. I'm working on a project and this would be nice to do. Thanks Joe
  7. UF Machine!

    In this project we are going to you a prefilter simply as a media to protect from bigger particles contaminating our membranes. Below is a PDF of what I will be using fh_1843_prefilters.pdf
  8. Sequencers!

    Thanks everyone for your help. After studying them I fully understand what they do & how to use them.
  9. Sequencers!

    ok making more sense. VALUE ARRAY SEQUENCER 0-31 MASK -1 DEST: DESTINATION 0-10 EACH ONE HAVING 32BITS CONTROL: CONTROL LENGTH: 8 POSITION: Now I put into the array what I want to see pass through. (e.g. 0001) In this case with the mask being -1 the one should pass. Now why on my Destination do I get 32 bits for each # in length? Shouldn't it just be 0 or 1??? Showing true or false? Because theres no way my array can match my destination. Destination is like 0-31 for each length or step. While the ARRAY is a single digit. I know this must be getting on you guys nerves but I love to ask questions.
  10. Sequencers!

    twcontrol - Hey it won't let me open it says my version is too old 12.03.
  11. Sequencers!

    Ok to make sure I know what going on I have attachment of the sample I made. As the sequencer begins to count in this case to 10. I set array to be true from 0-3. So on my destination I have used 2 of the statements that should be true. Are these statements true all time or are they like a one shot? destination[000].4 should be false all the time. During the count when I monitor destination for one second all is true then off then the ones I picked then various ones. Why???? They way I understood was one the length # matched the destination # the statement would be true. As long as the mask allowed it to pass. ( I hope I'm not confusing everyone). RSLogix_5000_Report_s_.pdf
  12. Sequencers!

    I'm trying at this point to understand how sequencers work. I have Rslogix5000 & emulator. I've looked at several downloads on here but for some reason it just doesn't click. Since you guys seem to be one of the pro's on here can you expain them to me in laymans terms??? It's driving me crazy not understands them totally. Thanks Joe
  13. UF Machine!

    Heres the final proposal. I'll work on the rest of this when I get alittle time. Sorry for the spelling errors I was in a hurry. PROPOSAL_FOR_A_SINGLE.doc
  14. UF Machine!

    How about a pilot unit? It can just have 8 membrane vessels, a balance tank,shell & tube exchanger. This sounds a little easier. Lets shoot for this to simplify everything.
  15. UF Machine!

    The only time that will be happen is when one thing is allowed to happen. If milk gets above 45 degrees F other than that lets assume it will be fine. I forgot to mention this machine will not pasteurise the milk. That will be a seperate process.