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  1. Multi touch on HMI panels

    Looks like Siemens had something in the works
  2. Making histogram with VBScript

    I do this on some of my projects as well. I buffer trend the data from the plc then I have a script that pulls all the values at once and saves them to a file. I collect the data with a SCL program in the plc. I am showing analog values however I would like to come up with a good idea on how to show digital i/o. I thought about just using int's making them 1 & 0 however with WinCC flex you can only have 8 pins so you can't show much at a time. If anyone has any good ideas to display bool values in a trend I would love to hear them.
  3. WinCC flexible locks user accounts

    Just an update. In WinCC Flex 2008 you can change the number of log in fails. I think you can also turn it off completely.
  4. WinCC flexible locks user accounts

    Check this out on This is a common problem and Siemens has a tech tip on how to get around the problem.
  5. protool or winccflexable2005

    Protool is being replaced by WinCC Flexible. WinCC Flexible will convert Protools files. I would say anything new go with Flexible. If it works in Protool stay in Protool. Also some of the new panels only work with WinCC Flexible.
  6. wire gauge

    Furrels are a must. They are well worth the extra time to install. We use 18awg for everything we can. I do like to go to 16 for anything that goes out of the panel.
  7. Do some of your customers have other plants close by? You maybe able to pick up some extra work thats just a few hours away. I like the idea of the off site hotel conf room. I have a distributor here that puts on different 1 day training shows a few times a year. They rent a room at the hotel set everything up the night before then tear down the morning after before checkout. It seems like it works out good. The hotel also supplies snacks for the class. Good Luck
  8. Remote controlled screen number
  9. CPU usage SoftPLC

    You could try upgrading to WinAC RTX 2005. I have a couple of V4.1 running without any problems but I am not doing any OPC.