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  1. to communicate with MODBUS

    http://www.hartcomm.org/ http://www.fieldbus.org/
  2. Direct Logic PLC

    No. When you download the program to the plc, the only thing that gets stored in the plc is the code. No rung comments or bit descriptions are stored in the processor.
  3. fuel injection

  4. Matt, You have the right idea with the fifo, that is the way to do it. Read up on "pointers" you will understand once you read it. Once all of your data is in memory locations say v2000 through v2096, at the end of the 24 hour period, do a block transfer of data to a different memory location. Monday's data in v2000 to v2096 at 24hr move to v3000 to v3096 Tuesday's data in v2000 to v2096 at 24 hr move to v4000 to v4096 You get the idea? Or you could use indirect addressing (pointers) and a counter to indicate the day of week, which would correspond to a block of memory adresses. As far as keeping track of your 15 minute time period, I would just use a self resetting TON timer. Read up on timers. I don't see a need to use the real time clock module unless you need the date. I would not try to keep more than a week's worth of data in the plc. The "V" memory locations are retentative so if power is cycled you will not loose data. However, you will have issues with sycronizing your data then, that is where the clock module will come in.
  5. I could cascade counters too, but I was trying to keep it simple....
  6. Koyo Kostac Programer

    These guys can help you out. Call em' http://support.automationdirect.com/techcontact.html
  7. Matt, The only other question I have is how many counts per minute are you going to get. This is important information and will determine if it will be easy or semi difficult. If the amount of pulses that are accumulated in a 15 minute period is under 9999 than this will make for a much easier project. One word of advise though, it would be much easier to store your data through a HMI/SCADA type package rather than trying to manipulate that much data in the plc. These types of packages have historical trending built in to them but are expensive and overkill for what you are doing. The other option is to use a DDE/OPC type package with something like Excell, this will be cheaper and is more customizable. This will however require more work on your part but is a much better way to do it. This is the way that I would do it ! Here is the link- http://web4.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopp...DE)/PC-KEPEBC-3 What you want to do is possible, but I am not sure worth the effort. The above link is the Ethernet version of the software. You would need to but the ecom card for the plc but you will be amazed at what you can do with it once you have it. Check it out, you can make flow charts, line diagrams, all kinds of good stuff. I personally do not think you are going to get any more reliablility out of storing your data in the plc vs the pc. If you set up the scripting in Excell correct and since you are on Ethernet you can store your data to a server, to your personal pc, whatever you want, any time you want. The sky is the limit once you are on Ethernet. Hope this helps
  8. So basically you want to count the amount of pulses coming from say, a water meter for 15 minutes then detirmine the amount of flow over that period of time? Try to be a little more specific in the application and we can help you better. The DL05 is capable of doing most of the things that any other brand can. What are you planning to read this data into after it is recorded every 15 minutes?
  9. It is not a true online edit like the slc line has. When you attempt to download, the processors pauses while the program changes are loading. While this is happening no updates happen to your i/o so you have to be carefull and know your process. When the program is done loading the plc will automatically go back to run mode. This is not like the micrologix for example, where you have to go completely offline before you can download.
  10. Are you looking for programming software or are you looking for the actual program that runs in the plc? More than likely you are not going to find either for free on the internet.
  11. AB SLC 5/03 processor

  12. Panelview 550 with DH+ or Remote I/O

    Here are two assumptions correct me if I'm wrong. RIO uses user defined block transfers in the plc to read and write data to and from a device. Data Highway + uses asychronous communications meaning that the plc can send and recieve data just as the panelview can send and recieve data simultaneously. I am just starting to learn this too, so these are more of a question than an answer. Thanks John