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  1. How to convert RSLogix program to S7?

    Just a thought - S7 supports import of STL text source files, if the RSLogix could export a text file you could write a conversion routine, perhaps using VB (or even VBA within Word), probably not worth it for one program, but if you had a lot to do then it may be a different story Mike D

    I use COMGRAPH on a regular basis to program OP30's If you can give some indication of what you want to do I may be able help. If you dont want to clog the forum with a load of details e-mail me at mmdnineteenfiftyseven@btopenworld.com (anti spam change the words to figures!) I will do what I can. I dont think there is a book which will help. Mike D PS I wont be able to pick my e-mail up until Friday afternoon this week