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Chris Elston

Guest Downloads Enabled

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About three weeks ago we enabled guest downloads again. Where as before we required guests to have an account before they could download. What we found out later is that's is more hassle than it's worth for those that get an account, fake their e-mail, then realize they still don't have access, create a second login with a real e-mail, then enable the account, then's a pain in the kester for both of us. So we have allowed guest downloads again. Our bandwidth doubled, I am not surprised at that, but since the current members are nice enough to allow banners to show, that more than enough pays for the "leechers" in the last two weeks and weeks to come. Thank you everyone. So what you'll notice now is what I call the "quality" member. A person that signs up now truly wants an account to post and participate. So member gain is slower, but should be a member that wants an account another than to download a file.
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