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On 3/12/2007 at 1:36 AM, panic mode said:

that's the thing with Atlas Copco... they don't have a half decent download section on their website, manuals are not good, and it just so happens that some things are not clear or not even mentioned. i don't have problem that they didn't foresee everything when they created product. i can even live with poor manuals and website. but my biggest complaint is that they are so quick to make changes - after product is released - without ensuring compatibility between versions... and they make a lot of revisions...! in fact, right now i have an issue with the API driver for the PowerMACs. project was created a while ago by somone else and installation file of the PowerMAC API has been mistakingly overwriten with the newer version (files with same name - version number should be part of the file name). now i'm doing very minor change but only have that newer API installed on my PC. application still compiles but it doesn't work. when compiled program is installed on target pc (machine) which does have older API, error comes up during start. I will probably get it in next day or two but one way or another, I still have to plan another trip to the plant...

Do you have installer for PowerMAC API? i need to develop application which communicate with TC 52P-N and gather cycle data, events and traces. I used to configure the TC using PowerMACS Gold Version 2.4.0.

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no, that was years ago

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