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Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

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2 hours ago, Carmoya said:

Hello, does anyone have the pinout or schematic with the integrated ones used for the sc09 cable? I need db9 to db25 for a fx series plc. I read the whole forum and the images were deleted

PD i can't buy a cable because of the time to arrive to my country 


I don't know what more information you need than what is provided in this thread already.

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6 hours ago, Crossbow said:

No sé qué más información necesita de la que ya se proporciona en este hilo.

Thanks for your answer, is that raj iyer attaches the diagram that I need on page 2 as CABLE.DOC but it is no longer available for download, what could I do to download it? I need the one from db25 thanks

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